How To Clean Your Green Swimming Pool Without Chemicals?

It’s a hot summer day, sunlight is bright, perfect weather for having a dip in your pool. You feel that heat coming down you, and you venture out to the rear yard onto the patio to browse the pool you haven’t used since last summer. It’s green. You have a closer look and see green, yellow, and even black algae growing in your pool. You know it can’t be safe to swim around because of infested water, plus it’s only gross and slimy. How did this happen?

Essentially, algae are place organisms that grow wherever it’s hot and moist, and there is sunlight. Algae spores drift to the pool on the wind through dust and leaves and enter into contact with your pool through people. So the question arises, basically how to clean a green swimming pool?

Vacuum in the Above Ground Pool

When you have an above-ground pool, you should utilize a vacuum to completely clean up the pool and get the algae to discard it.

Natural Home Remedy

As it is less expensive than chlorine and natural and safe, many people treat their swimming pools with salt instead of chemicals. Through a procedure called electrolysis, salt helps to breakdown dirt and bacteria in and at the bottom of one’s swimming pool; because of this, you should use a salt-chlorine generator to deposit salt into your pool.

Another natural method to eliminate algae from the underside of one’s pool could be the Orenda Water Treatment, which reduces nutrients that algae bottles on. It requires almost no treatment to get rid of the phosphate which bacteria in your pool eats. No food supply for anyone organism and they can no longer thrive and grow.

Another option can be an anionic pool cleaner, which operates to produce copper and silver into the water to cut back bacteria’s growth.
You can also consider a sonic wave pool cleaner, which causes the cells in algae to vibrate and break down. However, this tool shouldn’t be properly used exclusively, but it is good to utilize together with these other suggestions.

Many people also opt for generators that utilize ultraviolet light or electricity to produce ozone to sanitize their pools through a procedure called oxidation.

Natural Cleaning Agents

Baking soda is a great and well-known cleaning agent and is useful in cleaning your pool. The active component in baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which breaks up algae and enables one to wash it and clean it from your pool. This specific material is useful in removing black algae.

Borax, much more controversial, is a relatively safe cleaning agent that is useful in cleaning up white algae. It is just a mineral and is known to become a mild skin irritant though it is not carcinogenic.

So you’ve numerous choices for keeping your pool away from algae. You can keep it clean with a machine, use natural cleaning materials like baking soda or borax, and you should use natural treatments like salt and other normal items that remove minerals that algae feeds down of.
In these methods, you can hold your swimming pool clear and secure!

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