Make Money Betting on the Bitcoin

Bitcoin has drawn a considerable amount of hype, with some investors making incredible profits from it. The purchase price has varied significantly because of its launch, with each new maximum followed directly by an immediate dip in value. At the push time, Bitcoin is trading at the $16,382 stage, based on Coinbase. While some are convinced this electronic currency has reached its maximum value, others feel just like Bitcoin is a bubble, significantly like the 17th Century Dutch mania for tulips or the 1990s trend for Ty Hate Babies.

JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, is one of many Bitcoin skeptics, filing the cryptocurrency as a fraud and a bubble that has been sure to burst sooner or later. To date, he has been wrong. However, if you accept Dimon and believe Bitcoin’s value will collapse sooner or later, here are the steps to make money shorting Bitcoin.

  1. Derivatives

The most straightforward method to short Bitcoin is through buying derivatives. This is a relatively new concept in cryptocurrency, and you can find few options for doing it at present. However, these options look set to improve as Bitcoin’s ever-increasing hype leads to more skeptics seeking to short it.

The sole current option for doing this is through Hong Kong’s Bitmex exchange. Traders can purchase a “put option” through Bitmex to sell Bitcoin at peak pricing. If the price then decreases, traders are likely to make a profit on the put option.

Choices for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency derivatives look set to explode with LedgerX. LedgerX was already approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to operate as a cryptocurrency clearinghouse. LedgerX is offering various swaps and derivatives, making it simple for one to bet against Bitcoin’s future success.

  1. Place a Bet

For big-time investors, central investment banks will draw up a contract for shorting almost anything. The well-known drawback is that Goldman Sachs firms won’t negotiate such deals with anyone who walks in off the street.

If you were to think cutting cope with a significant investment bank is beyond you, you can always turn to a conventional bookmaker. Like investment banks, bookmakers enables a bet to be added to almost anything. You might not get excellent chances on a long-term chance of Bitcoin’s value losing, but it might be price placing a guess if you are persuaded cryptocurrency is destined to fail.

  1. Get Bitcoin on Profit

Some Bitcoin transactions let people deal with Bitcoin on a margin. That operation is made to let people guess on the cryptocurrency’s long-term success. Nonetheless, it can be modified, allowing for shorting Bitcoin.

Having an exchange such as, for example, GDAX or Kraken, Bitcoins may be sold on margin. The deal will soon be completed later when the value has hopefully decreased.

The critical drawback of the strategy is so it only permits short-term selling on margin. Through GDAX, margin positions can just only be left open for no more than 27 days. Of course, if the buying price of Bitcoin increases during this period, the consumer is liable for the newest higher price.

Through GDAX, this choice only really exists for big-time investors, with at the very least $5 million needed for margin trading. Kraken is a more excellent option for most traders, as it does not have that high financial barrier to margin trading.

  1. Short Bitcoin-Connected Gives

While straight shorting cryptocurrency is relatively rigid, you can find methods to bet against Bitcoin indirectly.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust presently trades on pink-sheet On the Counter (OTC) markets, enabling investors to take advantage of Bitcoin’s success without negotiating the complicated technical aspects of buying Bitcoin directly. However, shorting their stock is difficult as most major brokerages don’t allow investors to short pink sheet stocks.

Just like options for trading in Bitcoin derivatives, options for shorting Bitcoin investment groups will more than likely increase shortly. The Winklevoss twins had a bank card software for a Bitcoin exchange-traded account rejected by the SEC in March 2017. While that attempt unsuccessful, different related efforts may attempt to get licensed.

Another choice should be to guess against publicly-traded companies that can be incredibly dedicated to Bitcoin’s success. For example, chip-maker Nvidia is among the most prominent firms supplying Bitcoin miners with the equipment they need to generate the cryptocurrency.

  1. Bet Against Bitcoin Believers Directly

An unorthodox option for shorting Bitcoin should be to make direct one-to-one bets contrary to the cryptocurrency’s biggest supporters. Searching for Bitcoin supporters is easy, with many forums dedicated to dissecting the newest crypto news and trends. Creating a bet is less comfortable and requires a degree of trust.

That doesn’t indicate you need to trust your partner to honor the bet. Other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies ensure it is possible to create a wager that may automatically pay one party if the bet conditions have been satisfied.

The Ethereum blockchain program has generated a lot of buzz by enabling the generation of “smart contracts.” Wise agreements automatically transfer resources from one celebration to another when the offer’s pre-set situations have been met.

This method requires some technical understanding of using Ethereum and setting up smart contracts. If this can be carried out, using smart contracts to make direct one-to-one bets could be the best method to bet against Bitcoin’s continued success.


It’s worth remembering that Bitcoin is still less than a decade old, and most people are still utterly clueless about precisely what this technology is and what it’s capable of. It’s an open question whether Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have any inherent value or whether they’re products of investor hysteria, the same as Dutch tulips and Ty Beanie Babies.

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