Waqar Zaka Initiates Cryptocurrency In Pakistan

Waqar Zaka launched Pakistan’s First Cryptocurrency farm with the help of the KPK Government.

Waqar Zaka launched Pakistan’s first Crypto Mining Farm in KPK province. He explained through his youtube video that it’s the biggest crypto mining farm in Asia. Waqar Zaka wants to help make the Pakistan crypto association in the country. He urges his readers to assist him through cultural media. Moreover, he wants to help make the world’s biggest crypto association group.

Waqar Zaka just forms that challenge in the KPK province of Pakistan. Just to exhibit the significance of digital currency as time passes to the government. In his Facebook video, he reveals the proof of getting pounds through crypto mining. He ( Waqar Zaka ) said in all this journey, and no one supports him. Waqar Zaka forms the mining farm alone in KPK. He provides credit to his social networking followers.

IT Minister KPK Zia Ullah Bangash help waqar zaka

 Waqar Zaka also, Gives credit to Zia Ullah Bangash, the IT Minister of KPK province from Kohat. Zia Ullah Bangash helped him and did function to go the quality in the KPK assembly to struggle for legalizing digital Cryptocurrency in Pakistan. KPK has now become the very first province of Pakistan where Zaka builds Pakistan’s first Cryptocurrency farm.

Fawad Choudhry applying for grants Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

He shows the small clip of his meeting with the IT Minister of Pakistan, Fawad Choudhry. Waqar Zaka needs permission to construct a study base Crypto mining farm in Pakistan. Then IT Minister Fawad Choudhry said, I have also talked with Pakistan’s state bank about digital Cryptocurrency.Fawad Choudry said I would require more steps about digital CryptocurrencyCryptocurrency in Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka wants to take part next election in Pakistan. He urges his followers to aid Waqar Zaka and support him to get the election in 2023. He demands the foreign investors invest money in CryptocurrencyCryptocurrency through Waqar zaka. He is showing the importance of CryptocurrencyCryptocurrency to the government of Pakistan. Share this informative article with your pals if you found it informative. Hold visiting probaaz.com for more tech-related news.




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